Why Shop at The Regulator?

To Support the Local Economy
--For every $10.00 you spend here, $4.50 stays in this community. When you spend $10.00 at a chain store, only $1.30 stays in this area. (Our owners and all of our employees live here, we bank locally and we buy many of our supplies from local businesses). When you spend $10.00 on-line, nothing stays local.
--This “local advantage” is so significant that if everyone in Durham shifted just 10% of their shopping from chain and on-line stores to locally owned, independent businesses, it would create 800 new jobs in the Bull City!

To Support the Environment
--Shipments that arrive at The Regulator--including special orders--average 24 books per box. When you order one or two books at a time from amazon, your orders use 6 times more packaging than books purchased from us. And because all of that extra packaging takes up three times as much space, when you order from amazon you are tripling the number of trucks required to bring books to Durham, from warehouses hundreds of miles away, compared to buying books from us. (See the video on the front page of this web site for a fun look at this).

To Support Community
--The Regulator contributes to the cultural life of our community by creating a space for authors--from the Triangle, from North Carolina, from around the country and from around the world--to meet with their readers. We host book groups, programs for children, and provide space for community meetings.
--We contribute to dozens of local schools and community organizations.
--The taxes our business pays support everything from parks to police to fixing potholes. On-line businesses do nothing to support our community.

To Support Diversity
--You wouldn’t want your house to look the same as everyone else’s. So why would you want your community to look that way, with nothing but the same chain stores you can find anywhere and everywhere? Independent, locally owned businesses add character to a community.

To Get a Good Value
--Only at The Regulator can you find new books, used books, and bargain books all in the same store. If you need to order a book, you don’t pay a cent for shipping if you pick up your order at the store--and we can get most books in just a few days.

Shop Local First!