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Our Annual Holiday Picks 2021
staff favorites & recommendations for all ages

Here is a selection of our recommendations of 2021 new title releases.

Please note: The titles highlighted here should be available at our shop or available for ordering. However due to printing press & supply chain issues during these extraordinary times some titles might not be available the closer we get to the end of the year.

  1. Art
  2. Biography & Memoir
  3. Culinary Art & Libations
  4. Cultural Studies
  5. History
  6. Literature
  7. Music
  8. Mystery
  9. Poetry
  10. Science
  11. Speculative Fiction
  12. Young Adult Fiction
  13. Middle Grade Fiction
  14. Children's Non-Fiction
  15. Picture Books
  16. Kids Graphic Novels

    Art Books


    Biography & Memoir


    Culinary Arts & Libations


    Cultural Studies














    Speculative Fiction


    Young Adult Fiction


    Middle Grade Fiction


    Children's Non-Fiction


    Picture Books


    Kids Graphic Novels

Holiday Picks

    Children’s Subscription Program

This is a tremendous on-going gift for a daughter, son, granddaughter, or grandson!

Every month, we will be offering a selection of new titles at the age levels of your choice. They will be curated by our Children Book Coordinator (and Storytime Durham host).

We have four levels from which to choose:

  • Ages 0-2 ($35) - You will get one beautiful, new hardback picture book and one oversized board book.
  • Ages 3-5 ($40) - You will get two beautiful, new hardback picture books.
  • Elementary School Battle of the Books ($25) - You will get two paperbacks off the latest list.
  • Middle Grade ($25) - You will get two paperbacks from our latest selection.

Tax, shipping, and gift wrap is included. Orders can be shipped to you or some lucky recipient.

To subscribe, just send an email to with your name and contact information so that we can contact you to set up your account.

No prepayment required. Cancel subscription anytime.

See our November selections below. They will ship/go out for local delivery mid-month.

Ages 0-2:
Ages 3-5:
Elementary BotB:
Middle Grade: