Raul Clement and Okla Elliott, "The Doors You Mark Are Your Own"

The Doors You Mark Are Your Own is a sweeping literary epic—the result of years of painstaking writing and world-building by two brilliantly imaginative minds (Raul Clement and Okla Elliott)—that readers will get lost in and never want to end. The book begins in Joshua City, one of seven city-states in a post-apocalyptic world where water is scarce and technology is at mid-twentieth-century Soviet levels. As the novel opens, the Baikal Sea has been poisoned, causing a major outbreak of a flesh-eating disease called nekrosis. Against this backdrop of political corruption, violence and oppression, a struggle for control of Joshua City ensues, and a revolutionary group called The Underground emerges.

Raul Clement lives in Urbana, IL. His fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have been published in Blue Mesa Review, Coe Review, As It Ought to Be, and the Surreal South '09 anthology. He is an editor at New American Press and Mayday Magazine.

Okla Elliott is currently an Illinois Distinguished Fellow at the University of Illinois. His work has appeared in Another Chicago Magazine, Harvard Review, Indiana Review, The Literary Review, New Letters, A Public Space, The Southeast Review, and Subtropics, among others. He is the author of a collection of short fiction, From the Crooked Timber, and a collection of poetry, The Cartographer’s Ink.

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The Doors You Mark Are Your Own (Joshua City Trilogy) By Okla Elliott, Raul Clement Cover Image
ISBN: 9781940430201
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Published: Dark House Press - April 28th, 2015