Educator and School Library Wish Lists

Educator & School Library Wish Lists

Did you know that you can create a Wish List via our website? Anyone can do it, and then send their wish list to friends and family (ie "Jack Kerouac's Christmas gift wish list"). It's a perfect way for local teachers and school librarians to request books for their classrooms and libraries! Unfortunately, these folks often don't have enough funding or budget to purchase books they find important for their students. This is where we can all help!

Teachers and librarians, it's easy to create a Wish List via our website: Just select a book you'd like to add, and then select "add to wish list." If you don't have a Regulator account already, it will direct you to do that and show you how to add others to your list or create multiple lists. Once you have your list set (you can always add to it later), you can email a link to the list to anyone you'd like (PTAs, parents, neighborhoods, friends, and family).

Folks can also search our list of Wish Lists for yours (search window in the lower right-hand column of our home page). These people can then purchase these books for you and help you grow your collection. Educators, once you've created a list, and shared it with your group of supporters, let us know by sending an email to to give us a heads up (and same if you have any questions), and we'll hold onto your books as they come into the shop. Then you can arrange to pick them up at a time that works best for you! Spread the word! Help your school and your kids!