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Philadelphia teenagers Joni and Kelly find themselves chased across parallel Earths, from underground, gang-infested cities to medieval kingdoms. Different factions think Joni might be the latest of the Cordelians, young women with the ability to bridge the gaps between these worlds. Joni has to decide if she believes it too and what she's willing to sacrifice to save these new found worlds, as well as her home.

Building off of Aspects, Bright and Fair, this novel starts off with Joni stuck in the medieval world of Avalon, with Alejandro, someone she believes to be her friend, thrown in the dungeons. The rebel forces, led by the young Brith want to help her, but aren't sure of what to do. Meanwhile, Kelly wakes up in a hospital, after stealing a car to get her friend Marcus to safety. She has to decide if she trusts his corporation and what she can do if she doesn't.

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ISBN-13: 9781386440130
Publisher: ​Waugh Wright
Publication Date: September 19th, 2020