What We've Become: Living and Dying in a Country of Arms (MP3 CD)

What We've Become: Living and Dying in a Country of Arms By Jonathan M. Metzl, Bob Johnson (Read by) Cover Image
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A searing reflection on the broken promise of safety in America

Dr. Jonathan M. Metzl, long at the forefront of a movement advocating for gun reform as a matter of public health, has been on constant media call in the aftermath of fatal shootings. But the 2018 Nashville killings led him on a path toward recognizing the limitations of biomedical frameworks for fully diagnosing or treating the impassioned complexities of American gun politics.

As he came to understand it, public health is a harder sell in a nation that fundamentally disagrees about what it means to be safe, healthy, or free.

In this book, Metzl reckons both with the long history of distrust of public health and the larger forces--social, ideological, historical, racial, and political--that allow mass shootings to occur on a near daily basis in America. Looking closely at the cycle in which mass shootings lead to shock, horror, calls for action, and, ultimately, political gridlock, he explores what happens to the soul of a nation--and the meanings of safety and community--when we normalize violence as an acceptable trade-off for freedom.

This brilliant, piercing analysis points to mass shootings as a symptom of our most unresolved national conflicts. What We've Become ultimately sets us on the path of alliance forging, racial reckoning, and political power brokering we must take to put things right.

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ISBN: 9798874708795
Publisher: Kalorama
Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Language: English