Silver Alert (MP3 CD)

Silver Alert By Lee Smith, Caitlin Davies (Read by) Cover Image
By Lee Smith, Caitlin Davies (Read by)
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Herb has a secret: he's not quite the man he once was. And when his children learn of this, they decide it is time to move him and his wife, Susan, who is slipping into early Alzheimer's herself out of their Key West home and into assisted living. But curmudgeonly Herb--annoyed with his kids and unsettled by the ever-changing world--is not going quietly. He has one trusted friend, a young woman named Renee who has been helping to care for Susan. But Renee, too, is guarding secrets of her own, trying to start over after a truncated childhood where she had to abandon her dreams and her talents, and disappointed by a boyfriend who refuses to commit. Together, Herb and Renee--who is really Dee Dee--take off on one last joyride up the Florida Keys, setting off a Silver Alert, and, ultimately, setting up a moment where Dee Dee can come into her own. What life do we deserve? And how do we make it our own? In this funny, heartwarming novel, Silver Alert shows us how sometimes, you just have to seize the narrative.
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ISBN: 9798212229647
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Publication Date: April 18th, 2023
Language: English