The Corseted Skeleton: A Bioarchaeology of Binding (Paperback)

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Chapter 1: Introduction: Shaping the Garment, Shaping the Woman

Chapter 2: The Corset in our Collective Consciousness: Exotic, Erotic, or Other?

Chapter 3: The Corset as a Garment: Is it a Representative of Who Wore It?

Chapter 4: The Corset as Civilization: The Debate on Clothing and Women's Social Wellbeing

Chapter 5: The Corset as a Killer: Did Corseting Negatively Impact Longevity?

Chapter 6: Women's Experiences in Life, Death, and Burial: The St. Bride's Parish Records Chapter 7: The Corseted Skeleton: Skeletal Remains of St. Bride's Lower Churchyard

Chapter 8: Conclusion: Modern Corseting and How We Talk About Today's Women

About the Author

Rebecca Gibson, PhD, is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, USA. She is the author of Desire in the Age of Robots and AI: Investigations in Science Fiction and Fact (Palgrave, 2020).
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Publication Date: November 16th, 2020
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