The Work of Nonviolence: Stories from the Frontline (Paperback)

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The Work of Nonviolence describes the tactics used on various domestic and international peace teams and provides tools for everyday people to de-escalate tensions.

"Facts and figures aren't always the best way to make a point. Reaching out heart-to-heart and sharing stories can create a powerful impact on the reader. That is just what The Work of Nonviolence: Stories from the Frontline does. Meta Peace Team members share their personal stories of how they have transformed a situation of violence into one of peaceful reconciliation. Now more than ever we need to learn from these courageous people how we can transform our world from a culture of violence to a culture of peace." --Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

"The author has compiled a moving collection of compelling stories of how individuals and groups have transformed violence. The reader is exposed to many skills employed to de-escalate violence in one-on-one situations and on a societal level along the lines of Gandhi's vision of 'Shanti Sena, ' creating a 'Peace Army.' This book is for the everyday person and those already seasoned in peace and justice work, who yearns to address the global crises of our time in a nonviolent way." --Reverend C. Peter Dougherty, co-founder of the Meta Peace Team

"Through stories lovingly told, Julie Thomas-Beckett captures the history, personalities and essence of the Meta Peace Team's rise. Every page testifies to the power of doing small things with great love and calls us to a new paradigm of healing through connection and respect.
This is how we will heal our beautiful, broken world." --Nancy Schertzing, Restorative Justice Trainer and Consultant

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ISBN: 9781950659494
ISBN-10: 1950659496
Publisher: Julie G. Thomas-Beckett
Publication Date: May 28th, 2020
Pages: 248
Language: English