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Want to make healthy meals for your family, but don’t want to spend an eternity in the kitchen and don’t want your food to taste dull and unappealing? Then Grain Crazy is right for you. Cherie Schetselaar and Britney Rule, a mother-daughter team and creators of the Grain Crazy blog, provide easy, tasty, healthy recipes that your family will love—believe them, they know from experience. Cherie and Britney focus on meals that contain whole grains such as whole wheat, quinoa, and oats. Every meal from breakfast to snacks to dessert, they have a fresh way to prepare and eat food that is simultaneously delicious and nutritious. Their love of cooking and a wholesome lifestyle will inspire you to do the same. Grain Crazy will provide a lasting remedy to your nutrition dilemmas. For more information about the authors, go to

About the Author

Britney Rule is a mother with four very picky children. She is the coauthor of Grain Crazy, Quinoa Crazy, and Chia Crazy, and the author of the popular blog, Grain Crazy. She resides in Utah.

Cherie Schetselaar has a passion for superfood. Anything nutrient-rich superfoods like quinoa and chia seeds can be used for, you better bet Cherie has tried it. From breakfast cereals to dinner dishes to desserts, she is the expert at incorporating the good-for-you ingredients. She "healthifies" her cooking by substituting healthy fats, cutting down on sugar, and eliminating processed foods. Cherie is a fabulous cook and the mother of seven children. All of them, and her husband, have been used as guinea pigs for trying out the best recipes.

Praise For…

“Keeping nutrition top of mind has always been a priority for me. As a registered dietitian, I can't help but consider the nutritional value of the recipes I choose for my family. But taste and appetite appeal ultimately guide my choices—I know that's the only way to ensure everyone actually eats the healthy foods I serve. Britney and Cherie have done the same with their blog and now with their new Grain Crazy cookbook. They've kept taste top of mind while focusing on the health benefits of whole grains. Plus, they've taken the guess work out of trying new grains with tips and techniques choosing many of the new varieties of grain available today. It's a resource not to be missed!”
—Regan Jones, RD, Owner of, and
Grain Crazy is a collaboration between a mother and a daughter trying to eat healthier, while providing you with many simple ways to help your family eat healthier as well. Aimee and I have made several of their recipes and found them all to be very tasty and healthy, too. We have to admit we did not choose the recipe because of health benefits, but instead because they looked delicious, and they were. What a novel idea to have a mother and daughter cook together.”
—Ellen of Like Mother Like Daughter (
“Spelt? Amaranth? What the Kamut? What are they and how do I cook with them? Cherie and Britney have taken the crazy out of cooking with grains. Their cookbook will help you make modern meals out of ancient grains. I love it.”
—Janet Barton,
“As a registered dietitian, I know the importance of incorporating whole grains into a healthy lifestyle. But as a mother and a food lover, I believe it's just as important to highlight the versatility and deliciousness of whole grains which Britney and Cherie have succeeded at doing with both their blog, Grain Crazy and now with their noteworthy Grain Crazy cookbook. Here they give you the tools, the tips and the irresistible recipes to make whole grains a no-brainer to enjoy every day. This is a timely and valuable resource for anyone's cookbook collection.”
—Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD, co-blogger at Teaspoon of Spice, co-founder of The Recipe ReDux, lover of whole grains, especially farro.

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