A Field Guide to Harlequins and Other Common Ladybirds of Britain and Ireland (Paperback)

A Field Guide to Harlequins and Other Common Ladybirds of Britain and Ireland Cover Image
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The invasive Harlequin ladybird is an eye-catching and beautiful species, but it can be very difficult to identify, with huge variation in colouration and pattern. This comprehensive photographic field guide is the first complete guide to identifying Harlequins and all the other 25 conspicuous ladybird species found in Britain and Ireland.

  • Detailed, informative and beautifully illustrated with more than 350 remarkable colour photographs including ladybird developmental time sequences and numerous images of each ladybird species
  • Ground-breaking quick key for Harlequin identification
  • Includes a photographic guide to the larvae of all 26 species - the first of its kind
  • Easy to follow comprehensive descriptions and explanations of ladybird lifecycles and habits

This clear, user-friendly field guide is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to identify a Harlequin ladybird, from beginners to more experienced entomologists, students and professionals. This book is ideal for learning to recognise and understand this charismatic and significant beetle.

About the Author

Helen Boyce has a lifetime of experience photographing and studying British wildlife. She has worked with wildlife groups and conservation organisations, as well as giving lectures and leading educational walks. She has a fresh and inspiring way of approaching and teaching a subject and is naturally driven to share her knowledge and experience in an accessible way that inspires others to learn more about the fascinating natural world of wildflowers, grasses and insects.
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ISBN: 9781784272449
ISBN-10: 1784272442
Publisher: Pelagic Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: May 15th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English