Secrets of the Vegetable Garden: Shine-a-light Book (Hardcover)

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden: Shine-a-light Book Cover Image
By Carron Brown, Giordano Poloni (Illustrator)
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A vegetable garden grows under the sun. If you look closely between the stalks, beneath the leaves, and under the soil, you will spot the animals and plants living there. Hold a page up to the light to reveal what is hidden in and around the vegetable garden, and discover a small world of great surprises.

With over 1 million copies of the series sold, we are thrilled with our latest Shine-A-Light books. Author Carron Brown has been a children's nonfiction editor and writer for more than 16 years. The amazing see-through pages in this gorgeously illustrated nonfiction series offer benefits similar to lift-the-flaps books, (that is, they're great for early development, they deal with the idea of object permanence), but our Secrets books have the added interactive dimension of the child being able to see the surface and the hidden picture at the same time.Both a visual treat and lots of fun, all of our Shine-a-Light books also offer a glossary and additional information about their subjects, making them nonfiction gift books like no other.

Praise For…

"I feel like this one, just like The Human Body one, is a staple everyone needs. Whether you're teaching a plant life cycle or introducing your little one to gardening, this is just one of those basic concepts that you want kiddos to be able to visualize and understand."
-- Little Cub Literacy

"Vegetable Garden features a plethora of insects and plants, using short, friendly sentences to introduce a large, diverse ecosystem within a small plot of land - this is a great read-aloud for the start of a gardening unit."
-- School Library Journal
Product Details
ISBN: 9781610674133
Publisher: Kane Miller Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2016
Pages: 36