Textbook of Arthropod Anatomy (Paperback)

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The facts of arthropod structure are presented in clear, easy-to-use fashion in this text by R. E. Snodgrass. Examples of each of the classes from trilobites to insects are given. Musculature and mechanism of legs, eyes, feeding apparatus, body, head, and organs of digestion, excretion, and reproduction are described and illustrated.

Over 640 drawings, most of them by the author, are arranged in 88 figures.

About the Author

The renowned morphologist, R. E. Snodgrass (1875-1962), taught entomology at the State College of Washington in Pullman, Stanford University (where he had graduated with a B.A.), and the University of Maryland, and worked in the Bureau of Entomology in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. His many publications include the books Textbook of Arthropod Anatomy; Anatomy of the Honey Bee; Insects: Their Ways and Means of Living; and Principles of Insect Morphology.
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Publication Date: August 15th, 2019
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