Easy Ayurveda Recipes & Cookbook: Recipes for Weight Loss, Hormonal Balance, Heart Health, Pregnancy, Old Age & Mental Well-Being (Paperback)

Easy Ayurveda Recipes & Cookbook: Recipes for Weight Loss, Hormonal Balance, Heart Health, Pregnancy, Old Age & Mental Well-Being By Lakshmi Vemuri Cover Image
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Praise for Lakshmi Vemuri's Ayurveda for Beginners:

"Detailed & Thorough. I'm a Christian, and this book is based on the writer's extensive research and personal experiences." - Dena, Amazon Review

"This was really a great, informative, and relatively easy read." - J, Amazon Review

Experience total health, wellness, and healing with the time-honored and ancient concept of Ayurveda.

You are what you eat, right? We've all heard this saying. But what does Ayurveda have to do with eating? Everything Ayurveda is a complete holistic healing system that mainly focuses on offering a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda believes in the infamous saying, 'Prevention is better than cure.' However, one can also use this system to heal or cure their existing ailments.

Experts say that Ayurveda was found 5,000 years ago in Ancient India and then spread across different parts of the world, especially Asia. Ayurveda is a combination of two words, Ayur=Life and Veda=Science of knowledge.

Ayurveda is literally the science of life

I did not grow up in India, but I spent lots of time there with my family. Currently, I am a practicing dentist by trade. The health of someone's teeth and gums can tell so much about a person's lifestyle, health choices, and diet. When I was a teenager, I ate fast food (like many teens do), drank soda, and didn't get enough sleep or water. I was a typical, modern teenager. When my health began to fail, I turned to conventional medicine to help, to no avail.

My dear, sweet grandmother introduced me to the idea of Ayurvedic eating, and I have not turned back since My ailments began to heal, and my pain began to subside once I turned away from Big Macs and chose carrot pudding instead. I believe entirely - personally and professionally - that your diet is the number one reason for any health-related malady.

Food is medicine

I will teach you all about Ayurveda and how to apply these concepts to your chosen diet. What if you could lose weight, eliminate stress, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, and ward off diseases, all by what you chose to consume?

In my book, you will learn how to do precisely that You will learn:

- What is Ayurveda?

- Origins and History of Ayurveda

- Importance of Ayurveda

- Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Food

- The Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

- Food and its Importance in Ayurveda

- The Six Tastes

- How to Eat According to Your Dosha

- Ayurvedic Staples

- Over 100 Ayurvedic Recipes

- Healing Recipes

- Kapha Pacifying Recipes

- Vata Pacifying Diet

- Pitta Balancing Recipes

- Immunity Boosting Recipes

- Pregnancy Recipes

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