Spectral Evidence (Paperback)

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By Trista Edwards, Guy (Artist)
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Do you hear them? The witches that whisper in the woods. Do you see them? The birds that gather on the top of the church. Do you taste them? The fruit that lies in her womb. Do you smell them? The smoke tendrils that rise from smoldering ash. Can you touch them? The omens that make up your future. In this poetry collection, Trista Edwards weaves readers through elaborate images-some of terror, some of beauty-that transfix on the things that warn of an entire realm beyond physical sight. Through palm reading, incantations in the night, the blending of body with earth and the ethereal, Spectral Evidence serves as a medium through which one can be delivered, a roadmap to the other side, the guide that lays out connections between where the soul resides now and where the soul will one day make its home.

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ISBN: 9780988206199
ISBN-10: 0988206196
Publisher: April Gloaming Publishing
Publication Date: October 27th, 2020
Pages: 92
Language: English