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A book of poems, essays and places. The poems of "Synthesis" present the author's reinterpretation of ancient poetic forms (odes, cantos, epigrams, haikus, ghazals and a romance) and of ancient themes from a plethora of cultures and ages. Or viceversa: ancient forms and themes from all over the world revisiting the author's poetry. Another book within this book deals with about 40 "places" of the mind (some of them geographic) that the author considers special. A series of philosophical essays constitute a third book within the book, dealing with topics that range from Art to Identity.

About the Author

Piero Scaruffi is a poet, cognitive scientist, cultural historian and free thinker. Born in Italy in 1955, he published two collections of poems, L Ultimo (The Last One) and Dialogo degli Amanti (Dialogue of the Lovers) before switching to the English language. Each won a national award. After graduating in 1982 in Mathematics from the University of Turin with a thesis on quarks, he relocated to Silicon Valley to work in the software industry, pioneering Internet-based applications, and later conducting research on Artificial Intelligence at Olivetti s Technology Center and at Stanford University. He has lectured in three continents on Cognitive Science and History of Knowledge, and published several scientific books, notably The Nature of Consciousness (2006). His book Il Terzo Secolo (The Third Century, 1997), an analysis of the society of the USA, structured like a hyper-document, made the Italian best-sellers' list. In the meantime he reviewed music and cinema, first for magazines and then for his own website. His main books on music are: A History of Jazz Music 1900-2000 (2007) and A History of Rock and Dance Music (2009). He pioneered Internet-based journalism. In 1985 he started his first e-zine, distributed by e-mail over the Internet. Between 1986 and 1990 he created an online database, downloadable via ftp. In 1995 that database mutated into his own website He has organized several interdisciplinary cultural events in the Bay Area. An avid traveler who spends months on the road, he has visited more than 160 countries of the world. All along he continued writing the poems and essays that are collected here for the first time.
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ISBN: 9780976553175
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Publisher: Omniware
Publication Date: May 25th, 2016
Pages: 228
Language: English