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Written by Lorenza Mazzetti, the first woman film director ever to be funded by the BFI, London Diaries/Free Cinema is the unique story of the birth of Free Cinema in London. It describes the making of Together (1957), a neglected masterpiece of British Free Cinema. The book introduces key figures of Free Cinema, such as Lindsey Anderson, and outlines the struggle of a young Mazzetti to find her way in London.

Lorenza Mazzetti came to London in 1956 after her family were killed by the Nazis at the end of the 2nd WW.
Her struggle to survive is beautifully and poetically reprised in this marvellous diary. Penniless she worked in cafes, got herself into the Slade Art School, and became the first woman to ever get a BFI grant to make a film. The book records both the traumas and the triumphs of making your way in a foreign country, and reflects on the powerful hold that history exerts on an individual, and how a new destiny can be created. Beautifully written it is a gem that has been hidden for a long time. (This is the first English publication of the book).
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Publisher: Zidane Press
Publication Date: August 30th, 2018
Pages: 160
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