Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord (Hardcover)

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How can any of us, but especially children, know God? The most direct way is through the senses. Inspired by the Psalm verse, this book uses simple words and depictions of ordinary moments to connect God's loving and ever-faithful presence with the goodness of everyday life. In poetic language, the author summons up richly evocative domestic scenes that children are experiencing for the first time and that adults will recall with great pleasure: cotton candy from a carnival, crickets at night, brownies fresh from the oven, the tickle of snowflakes on eyelashes. For each of the five senses, there are several illustrations that immediately summon up the physical sensation. A volume of pure delight, Taste and See gently delivers the incarnational message that God is in all things because God made all things. The book naturally leads children to gratitude and joy, plus invites them to active participation by talking about their own favorite moments of life. A sixth sense concludes the book by saying that love of family is the best way of all to know God. This is a basic introduction to children's spirituality, appropriate for Christian kids of all denominations, ages two to six. The title is a classic addition to any home, school or parish library. It's also especially useful for teachers and catechists who want to explain a deep theological idea in terms every child (and adult) can understand. +
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ISBN: 9780809166657
ISBN-10: 0809166658
Publisher: Paulist Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2000
Pages: 32
Language: English