Estonian Tastes & Traditions (Paperback)

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The cuisine of Estonia, the northernmost of the Baltic nations, is little known outside the country's borders. Simple and satisfying, the cuisine is based on such staples as potatoes, pork, preserved fish, and dark bread. Sauces are made from milk, sour cream, or cottage cheese and the main flavorings are salt and pepper, onions, and fresh herbs. Estonians still observe the old culinary traditions. Christmas Eve (J ululaup ev) is still celebrated with roast pork (seapraad), blood sausage (verivorstid), sweetbreads (magussaiad), and gingersnap cookies (piparkoogid). Visitors are welcomed with a coffee table (kohvilaud) of open face sandwiches (v ileivad), filled turnovers (pirukad), and sweets such as cheese Danish (mulgikorp) and cakes (koogid). This comprehensive book contains more than 150 traditional and modern recipes, all designed for the modern kitchen with readily available ingredients. Additionally, extensive historical and cultural information and an Estonian-English/English-Estonian glossary of culinary terms are included.
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Publication Date: March 1st, 2015
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