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Africa in History provides a history of Africa without the typical Eurocentric approach.

Prior to the original publication of Africa in History, the history and development of Africa had been measured by the European concept of "civilization," applying a Eurocentric approach to African art and literature. Basil Davidson's landmark work presents the inner growth of Africa and its worldwide significance, the internal dynamic of its old civilizations and their links with Asia, Europe and America, as well as the development of specific areas, tribes and cultures. From accounts of the days of the green Sahara and the great iron age, the earliest Portuguese colonization, the coming of slavery and the subsequent legacy of violence and mistrust, the growth of Islam in the north and the cults of the Congo, the sophistication of art and architecture, and the pattern behind social and tribal mores, the entire picture of the continent emerges. This revised edition reflects the recent astonishing changes in South Africa, including the release of Nelson Mandela.

About the Author

Basil Davidson is the author of more than ten books on African history and has devoted over thirty years to the intensive study of the African peoples. His books include The African Past, The Atlantic Slave Trade, Lost Cities of Africa, African Kingdoms and The History of West Africa to 1800.

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Book Week Today the history of Africa is undergoing a revolution. No one has done more for that much-needed revolution than Basil Davidson.

Africa, the journal of the International African Institute The best work now available to the general public on the main outlines of the prestigious past of the African continent.
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