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The acclaimed novelist returns to small town life in his evocative bestseller, hailed as a "New York Times" Notable Book of the Year.

Praise For…

"What Garrison Keillor has done for Lake Wobegon, Edgerton has done for Listre, creating a place of battered charms and dog-eared lore."
The Washington Post

"Here, evil comes to sleepy Listre, N.C., circa 1950, in the form of a stranger with a pencil-thin mustache and a trunkful of dirty movies. Listre is the kind of rustic crossroads where the most exciting event in years was a collision between a mule and a pickup truck, where boys slip over to the Gulf station for a Nehi and a peek at the pinup calendar, and where everybody knows everybody else’s secrets. It’s the kind of place, in other words, where it seems like nothing ever changes–until the fateful day when everything changes at once."
Entertainment Weekly

"Hilarious . . . Wonderful . . . Edgerton engagingly captures small-town America."
Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"As much the story of a man who brings random badness into a good place as it is the story of a boy’s search for his own salvation."
Mark Childress
The New York Times Book Review

"His best book since Walking Across Egypt."
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"A wonderful gallery of comic characters . . . In Clyde Edgerton, Southern Baptists have found a laureate to uncover their rich humor and humanity and to share without condescension or condemnation."
The Boston Globe

"Side-splittingly funny . . . Clyde Edgerton is the love child of Dave Barry and Flannery O’Connor."
–Raleigh News and Observer

Newark Star-Ledger

"Pitch the revival tent and sing hallelujah! Clyde Edgerton has returned to Listre . . . and for his legions of fans, that’s cause for rejoicing. . . . Where Trouble Sleeps features an array of the wonderfully human, often quirky characters we’ve come to expect. . . . As always, Edgerton skewers the hypocritical and sanctimonious with hilarious deftness. . . . Beneath the comic flourishes lies a tender, bittersweet view of the world. Edgerton has given us small-town men and women in all their human frailty and splendor."
Charlotte Observer

"Rollicking . . . Newcomers and old-time followers alike should . . . delight in his latest slice of small-town Southern life."
Southern Living

"When Edgerton’s debut novel Raney came out, I was impressed by how clever he seemed, how clearly and completely he was able to inhabit a voice, keep a joke running. Seven novels later, Edgerton hasn’t lost that ability to capture a character, a tone, or a situation, but Where Trouble Sleeps is surely a superior, more mature work–clear evidence of his amazing growth as a writer. Without sacrificing humor, Edgerton has delved deeper into his characters; he takes what might have been simply funny or even ridiculous and reveals levels and layers of emotion, pathos, and even darkness. Amusing, engrossing, and insightful, Where Trouble Sleeps is a sublime achievement."
The Spectator (Chapel Hill, NC)

American Way

"Where Trouble Sleeps is sure to win accolades and readers. . . . A story about faith and temptation . . . Like cubist painters, [Edgerton] is able to write about everyday life as our minds, not just our eyes, experience it: from all sides at
once. . . . We’re transfixed."
St. Petersburg Times

"In his wonderful new novel Where Trouble Sleeps, Edgerton strips away the veneer of propriety that [Jesse] Helms and cronies slather over the South like a rancid barbecue sauce to reveal a far more recognizable region characterized by humor, hypocrisy, ignorance, lust, compassion, and the occasional good deed."

"Superb . . . Clyde Edgerton is a first-rate storyteller. [He] has a musician’s ear, an artist’s eye, and a generous heart. "
San Antonio Express-News

"Once again Clyde Edgerton proves he’s a master of the amiable, truthful, small-town novel."
–Trenton Times

"Religious hypocrites are artfully revealed and the eccentricities of the good, everyday characters are cheerfully described by a writer who understands, remembers, and loves this rural world and the sound of its people’s language. . . . Where Trouble Sleeps will make the reader want to sit in the Listre School grandstand on Friday nights, eat popcorn, and watch the picture show, all for 25 cents."
North Carolina Libraries

"In the pitch-perfect tradition of Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner, Edgerton spins things wildly, masterfully, hilariously out of control."

"Slyly satiric . . . Whether through cunning, bashful, or averted eyes, Edgerton reveals the innocent, the deluded, and the hypocritical with an unerring sense of humor and truth."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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ISBN: 9780345426321
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: October 20th, 1998
Pages: 288