The Biology of Millipedes (Hardcover)

The Biology of Millipedes By Stephen P. Hopkin, Helen J. Read Cover Image
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Millipedes are commonly found in the leaf litter fauna of most terrestrial environments where they play an essential ecological role. The Biology of Millipedes is the first single-volume review of this important group and covers their evolution, ecology, behavior, and physiology. The book is essential reading for terrestrial ecologists, zoologists, and students taking courses in invertebrate biology. Introductory chapters consider millipede taxonomy and phylogeny, basic anatomy, locomotion, and ecomorphology. Later chapters review feeding and digestion, metabolism, nerves, and neurosecretion, together with all aspects of millipede development. In the final chapters, special attention is paid to defenses against predators, the importance of millipedes in decomposition processes, and their role as pests. The authors provide an extremely comprehensive bibliography of research papers and other literature.
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ISBN: 9780198576990
ISBN-10: 0198576994
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: July 30th, 1992
Pages: 248
Language: English