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Educator & School Library Wish Lists


Did you know that you can create a Wish List via our website? Anyone can do it, and then send their wish list to friends and family (ie "Jack Kerouac's Christmas gift wish list"). It's a perfect way for local teachers and school librarians to request books for their classrooms and libraries! Unfortunately, these folks often don't have enough funding or budget to purchase books they find important for their students. This is where we can all help!

Teachers and librarians, it's easy to create a Wish List via our website:

  • Just select a book you'd like to add, and then select "add to wish list."
  • If you don't have a Regulator account already, it will direct you to do that, and will show you how to add others to your list or create multiple lists.
  • Once you have your list set (you can always add to it later), you can email a link to the list to anyone you'd like (PTAs, parents, neighborhoods, friends, and family). Folks can also search our list of Wish Lists for yours (search window in the lower right-hand column of our home page).
  • These people can then purchase these books for you and help you grow your collection.

Educators, once you've created a list, and shared it with your group of supporters, let us know by sending an email to to give us a heads up (and same if you have any questions), and we'll hold onto your books as they come into the shop. Then you can arrange to pick them up at a time that works best for you!

Spread the word! Help your school and your kids!

Starting Your Own Book Club? Use Our Registry!


Zoom book clubs will be the new norm for a while. Not all bad as you get to sit in the comfort of your own home, with your favorite elixir and your pet at your side. 

If you have an on-going book club or are thinking of starting one, we can help you facilitate that with our online book club registry. Here is how it works:

Send us an email with the following information:

  • Assign your book club a name, and send us the list of upcoming books you plan to read & discuss
  • Provide us with the name and email address of the club leader
  • Send us an estimate of the number of participants and the dates when the books are to be discussed
  • We will post the list under a book club registry on our website with an easy link for members to order
  • All participants will get a 10% discount on the books

And get to reading! Can’t be simpler!


It's been really great getting to know the folks over at N.C. Women's Prison Book Project! They collect books for women in prison, and they have a wish list via our website. Here's their request:

"We get many, many requests for urban fiction, crochet, astrology, puzzle books, and dream interpretation. these titles are hard to find at thrift stores and rarely come in via donation, so we created a wish list with The Regulator Bookshop. check it out and find us on Twitter and Instagram if you haven't already!”

Head here to order books, and if you don't know this organization, check them out!

New on Our Site: Create and Find "Wish Lists"

You can now add books to a "Wish List" to save them for later (or so your family and friends can purchase them for you). To get started, log in to your account, search for a book, and click "Add to Wish List." You can even email your list to people (from the "Wish List" tab under "My Account"), for a not-so-subtle hint.

Finding someone's Wish List is easy, too. Just search for their username or email address in the box to the right. Happy browsing!

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