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Local author Kim Church‘s short stories and poetry have appeared in Shenandoah, Mississippi Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, Prime Number Magazine, the Norton anthology, Flash Fiction Forward, and elsewhere. In her first novel, Byrd, Addie Lockwood believes in books and Roland Rhodes believes in blues guitar. Coming of age in the small-town South of the 1970s, they form an unlikely friendship that makes each of them feel, if only for a short while, extraordinary. They meet again in their disillusioned thirties, this time in California, where Roland’s music career has landed him. Venice Beach is exotic, a world away from North Carolina and Addie’s cloistered life as a bookstore clerk. But when their whirlwind reunion leaves Addie pregnant, reality sets in. Conflicted, unready to be a mother, she gives birth and surrenders her baby for adoption without telling Roland, little imagining how the secret will shape their lives. Told through sharply drawn vignettes and Addie’s letters to her son, Byrd is an unforgettable story about making and living with the most difficult, intimate, and far-reaching of choices.
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